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Eco Homes

CCS ECO Home is a kind of mobile home, consisting of light steel frame and thermal insulation material. It is a new type of energy conservation and environment protection house which is easy and convenient to install. CCS ECO home is CE, BV & TUV certified, have been exported to more than 70 countries all over the world (such as Brazil, South Africa, Dubai, Japan etc.)

The Advantages of ECO Home:

  • Easy installation, widely used in the construction sites, temporary residence, shower room, kitchen, office, etc.
  • Apply to extreme climate area. Its wind resistance can reach 210km/h, and the seismic resistance can be more than Grade 8.
  • ECO Home is an economic house used for temporary use, it is composed of roof panel, roof purlin, external and internal wall panel and edge frame.

Roof System:


Wall System:

  • Brick Look

  • Wood Grain.

  • Normal