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Precast Modular House

The Industry Trends…..

Large scale projects call for precise planning, logistics, supply chain efficiency, and intelligent technology-based construction. Speed, is not just a term, but a philosophy when applied over the scope of any large scale project. Speed can mean many things such as, the efficiency at which products can be placed, ordered and ultimately delivered. Speed works its way into efficiencies in every phase of a building project; by eliminating waste, streamlining operations, and synchronizing the construction process. Applying the philosophy of Speed is what we do at Century Construction Supply. Through our world-wide network of manufacturers, builders, and suppliers, Century Construction Supply, is able provide solutions to complete your large scale building project.

CCS specializes in large-scale projects and applies Speed in tandem with production and procurement to configure custom loads based on your production requirements. In this way, we are able partner with you and assist in the pace, management, and streamlining of your building project.


The Industry Trends of Precast Modular House

Precast modular house is a building method which can quickly install a complete house using the precast modular walls and roofs, and bearing steel structure designed in accordance with the building code requirements.

It is featured by professional design, and standardized, modularized, generalized production. It is for both temporary or permanent building which is easy to be removed, stored and used.

The development scale and industry concentration have reached 40-50% in Europe, America and Japan. At present, there is a great potential in the house market in the developing countries. In particular, there is a great demand of integrated house which is easy to be installed and reused, and is highly cost-effective.


Solutions of Precast Modular House


Single House

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Town House

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Apartment Building

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High Rise Building


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Shopping Center

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